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The National Securities and Stock Market Commission approved at its meeting action plan of measures to create conditions for the functioning of energy hubs in Ukraine: commodity multilateral trading systems, in which trading of energy products and related financial products will be carried out.

The plan provides a list and timetable for the development of appropriate legislative changes, regulatory rules, the formation of conditions for future traders, and measures for interaction with other stakeholders.

The basic of the Ukrainian market model for OTC and organized trading of energy resources and derivatives, the NSSMC has adopted the European Union standards that provide competitive terms of trade and transparent pricing for energy products.

The plan contains a step-by-step map of harmonization of the national legislation of Ukraine with the EU standards, which is based on a detailed analysis conducted by the NSSMC with the assistance of international experts and with the support of the EU.

The Chairman of the NSSMC Timur Khromaev says:

"We have thoroughly worked out the creation of a Ukrainian model of energy hubs, with a deep gap-analysis of Ukrainian legislation and EU standards. Our plan for their creation is based on the best practices of the EU and takes into account Ukrainian specifics. The transparency and competitiveness, the principles we have laid the foundation for this model - is the only thing that can guarantee us fair prices for such important energy resources for the economy. No intra-industry decisions within the fuel and energy complex will ensure the development of high-quality energy commodity markets, with transparent, effective pricing, hedging of price fluctuations, introduction of national price indices, and, most importantly, the definition of fair prices. Because energy policy can not be successfully implemented without proper infrastructure, in particular, financial: oil flows pipes, but payments for it pass through the financial market. Money has a different nature and requires their own approaches. Only by joint efforts of financial and regulators of the fuel and energy sector in the organization of a transparent and competitive system of trade in energy products we will be able to eliminate abuses and manipulations in these markets".

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