The National Securities and Stock Market Commission supports online training “Fundamentals of Finance and Investment”, which will help trainees improve their knowledge of investment and make proper decisions about retaining preserving and increasing their savings.

The project “Fundamentals of Finance and Investment” was created by the Association of Investment Professionals CFA Society Ukraine, which is a part of the global community network CFA Institute. The course is completely free, has 16 different modules and will be available online from July 7, 2020. Financial support for its creation was provided through a grant from the USAID Project “Financial Sector Transformation”.

This training course explains what the investment market and its participants are and explains the nature of various investment instruments. In fact, the level of financial literacy of Ukrainians is one of the lowest in Europe.

«In our country, a limited number of Ukrainians have the opportunity to economize and it is very offensive when they lose their money due to lack of knowledge. I hope that the course participants will not only acquire the necessary knowledge on investment, but also develop critical thinking on how to choose a financial intermediary and how to assess the risks in the process of investing.», – said Timur Khromaev, Chairman of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market

The most useful course would be for:

  • students looking for a more comprehensive understanding of how capital markets work;
  • those who start their careers and want to understand the nuances of investment instruments.;
  • non financiers who are involved in IT, HR, accounting or marketing and want to speak the same language as the financiers;
  • new investors.

«The knowledge that trainees receive in this course will be useful to them throughout their lives. We will speak not only how to increase your savings, but also how to choose a financial advisor and not to be cheated. Take this course, and you may even be able to protect your family and friends from financial errors», – says Yulia Vitka, Deputy Head of USAID Project «Financial Sector Transformation».

More details about the structure and features of the “Fundamentals of Finance and Investment” project can be found on the link, registration for the course is already open.

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