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The public information database of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission on the securities market ( is an information resource that is the basis for effective interaction between the regulator, issuers, investors and the public in terms of implementing the Commission’s powers. on disclosure and access to information on the activities of issuers of securities and professional market participants.

The NCSSM introduces world standards for the functioning of the securities market, in particular, for disclosure of information, taking into account the recommendations of IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions). The information disclosure system established by the NCSSF enables all interested persons to obtain the necessary data on the activity of potential investment objects and the state of development of the securities market in an accessible and convenient manner.

A public database on the securities market is owned by the state in the person of the Commission. The maintenance of its functioning is carried out by the State institution “Agency for the development of the infrastructure of the stock market of Ukraine”.

The main principles of the functioning of the public securities market database are:

the operational placement of information received from the disclosure entity, which should be disclosed in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation before submitting it to the Commission;
free access of investors and other interested persons to the information disclosed by the entity.
Subjects of disclosure – persons obliged to disclose information on the stock market in accordance with the requirements:

The provision on disclosure, approved by the Decision of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market dated 03.12.2013 N 2826
Provisions on the procedure for compiling and disclosing information by asset management companies and persons managing assets of non-state pension funds, and submission of relevant documents to the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market (decision of the NCSSMF No. 1343 dated 02.10.2012)
Regulation on the procedure for submission and placement of information in the public information database of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission on the securities market by securities traders and stock exchanges (Decision of the NCSSMF No. 139 dated February 5, 2013)
Regulation on the procedure for compilation and submission of administrative data on the activities of mortgage liaison managers (decision of the NCSSMF No. 1693 dated November 29, 2012)
Provisions on the procedure for the submission of information by authorized rating agencies (decision of the NCSSFC No. 1767 dated 11.12.2012).

On the basis of the website of the State Agency “Development of the Infrastructure of the Stock Market of Ukraine” (, a joint information database on the securities market is created and maintained.

At present, the site contains information to be made public in accordance with the current legislation, including: the National SSMSC Public Information Database, the Electronic System of Comprehensive Disclosure of Information (ESCRIN), the database on infringements in the securities market, information on the holders of significant packages (10 and more than% of shares), State Register of Securities Issues, containing information on registered shares of the SSSFC, shares of bonds, bonds of local loans, securities of institutes of securities investment, mortgage certificates, mortgage bonds and certificates of real estate funds, etc.

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