is your investment to the Victory and future of Ukraine

In pursuance of the functions assigned, the Commission shall register the issue of securities and information on the issue of securities, including those of foreign issuers, which circulate in the territory of Ukraine.

The Commission maintains the State Register of the Securities Issue , according to its established procedure, and provides open and free access for securities market participants to the information in the Register.

The Commission’s registration of the issue or prospectus of securities shall not be considered as a guarantee of their value. The Commission is responsible for completeness of the information contained in the documents registered and compliance thereof with the effective statutory requirements. The respective signatories are responsible for the accuracy of information contained in the documents submitted for registration of the issue or prospectus of securities.

The list of documents required for the registration of issue or prospectus of securities, as well as the registration procedure are stated in the Commission regulations.

The Commission may suspend the circulation of securities in the territory of Ukraine in case if the securities issuer and/or persons involved in the securities circulation violates the effective legislation of Ukraine.

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