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The National Securities and Stock Market Commission, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement”, makes purchases of goods and services in accordance with the principles of fair competition among participants, maximum economy and efficiency, openness and transparency at all stages of procurement, non-discrimination of participants, objective and impartial evaluation of tender offers, prevention of corrupt practices and abuse.

The Annual Procurement Plan of the NCSSMF is approved by the decision of the tender committee of the Commission. Publication of detailed information on the Commission’s procurement is carried out on the web-portal

According to the Law “On Public Procurement”, the authorized representatives of the tender committee, which are officials of this department, are responsible for organizing and conducting procurement procedures by state authorities.

The head of the tender committee of the NCSSMF is Oksana A. Sakhnatskaya, the head of the Commission’s staff.

Tel .: (044) 254-56-24, [email protected]

Secretary of the Tender Committee of the NCSSMF – Chief Specialist of the Department of Economic Support of the Department of Financial and Economic Support of the Commission Popovich Vyacheslav Vitaliyovych.

Tel .: (044) 254 24 77, [email protected]

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