is your investment to the Victory and future of Ukraine

The Central Depository maintains depository accounts of all issuance securities, except for those maintained by the National Bank of Ukraine within powers stated in the Law of Ukraine “On Depository System of Ukraine.”

Before starting to carry out depository activities, the Central Depository shall register the Central Depository Regulations with the Commission, which determine the general procedure for the provision of relevant services, conduct of transactions in the depository system, and control over depository institutions, as well as contain other information specified by the Commission. The Central Depository Regulations shall also contain the procedure for entering into a depository agreement between the depository and depository institutions.

In pursuance of the functions assigned and after consultation with the Commission, the Central Depository may act as a founder or a participant (shareholder) of legal entities. The Central Depository is forbidden to act as a founder or a participant (shareholder) of professional stock market participants and legal entities whose legal structure gives founder’s (participant’s) full property liability. The Central Depository Regulations and amendments thereto are subject to be registered with the Commission in accordance with the procedure established by the latter.

The maximum and minimum service fees of the Central Depository may be established by the Central Depository after consultation with the Commission and the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

The Central Depository shall publish the results of its activities and ownership structure according to the procedure and within the time limit established by the Commission. The Central Depository shall annually report on the results of its activities at the Commission meeting according to the procedure established by the latter, and provide information on correspondent agreements with correspondent depositories.

The Central Depository is required to carry out an annual audit of its activities according to the International Standards on Auditing and requirements established by the Commission.

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