is your investment to the Victory and future of Ukraine


The Ministry of Digital Transformation in cooperation with the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine and Ukrzaliznytsia presented an update of the Diia application, in which the service of purchasing military bonds was implemented.

Find out all the information about the new option in Diia on the official portal

Investing in domestic government bonds (DGBs), now commonly known as «military bonds», is a financial instrument that brings income to investors and is also used to fill the state budget in such a difficult time for the country.

Funds received from the sale of military bonds are centrally distributed by the state to the most necessary areas – from defense to social protection of the population.

We will remind you that the NSSMC previously created the project Contribution, which collects all the necessary information about investments in military bonds and indicates the advantages of this support tool for both parties – the state and investors. For those willing to make their contribution, a simple instruction is posted and the project partners (banks and brokers) – intermediaries for the purchase of  DGBs – are listed.

The project is implemented in a close partnership between the state and business, where each side strengthens the capabilities of the other. Thanks to this, the Contribution is a marker of reliability and trust. More about this at the link:

The contribution is your investment in the victory and future of Ukraine!

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