As part of a pilot project of the NSSMC (National Securities and Stock Market Commission) and the NACP (National Agency on Corruption Prevention), the NSSMC continues to work to combat corruption offenses or offenses related to corruption in its activities.

The NSSMC has developed questionnaires and invites everyone to take part in an online survey!

Please, note that the questionnaires are anonymous. The information obtained will be used only in generalized form. Links to t two questionnaires will be valid until August 13, 2021.

You can take part in a survey on following issues:

 – administrative services provided by the NSSMC. You can fill out the questionnaire at the link (https://forms.gle/mhLHkCNB2kAmNABU7),

 – main activities of the NSSMC (https://forms.gle/YAgrgYt7MvcPhVNA6).

The collected data will help to assess corruption risks effectively in the activities of the NSSMC, find the causes of their occurrence and identify measures to eliminate them.

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