With the aim of protecting of With the aim to protect rights of financial services consumers , it has been started publishing a list of dubious investment projects on the website of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC). The purpose of these projects can be acquisition of funds of Ukrainian citizens by providing information on investing in various financial assets and carrying out activities without relevant approval documents.

The list is posted in the section “Activity” / “Investor Protection” / “Investor Warning” by reference.

The NSSMS extensively studies open sources of information concerning promotion of various financial projects, which, in particular, are checked out by specialists for compliance with the approved signs of fictitiousness (list by link).  The list includes those projects that meet at least a few signs of fictitiousness.  The list of such companies will be constantly updated.

The initiators of risky financial projects attract hundreds of millions of hryvnias of Ukrainian citizens annually. Total or partial loss of these funds by depositors is a logical result of reckless investor behavior, the existence of “gray areas” that are not regulated by national legislation, and the lack of full-fledged financial instruments. The NSSMC urges potential investors to be more careful in analyzing the advertising promises of such projects and realistically assess all relevant risks of investing in them. We emphasize that in the event of a refusal of such projects to perform their obligations, it is almost impossible to return the invested funds.

We urge citizens to be careful and weigh up risks before investing your money!

All cases of non-fulfillment of obligations by companies that have attracted funds for investment in financial projects, please inform to the e-mail box: office@nssmc.gov.ua

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