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At a regular meeting held on July 15, 2021, the NSSMC (National Securities and Stock Market Commission) decided to allow 8 more issues of Eurobonds to circulation in Ukraine, based on the application submitted by the ICU (Investment Capital Ukraine) financial group.

It is about Eurobonds of Ukrainian companies issued through foreign issuers.

From now, in accordance with the Resolution of the NSSMC, the following securities will be available on the domestic capital market of Ukraine:

  • Kernel Group Eurobonds (two dollar issues with redemption in October 2024 and a coupon of 6.5% and with a redemption in October 2027 and a coupon of 6.75%, respectively),
  • Metinvest Holding Eurobonds (three dollar issues – April 2026 and 8.5%; October 2027 and 7.65%; October 2029 and 7.75%) and one euro issue (June 2025 and 5.625%),
  • MHP Group Eurobonds (one dollar issue with redemption in September 2029 and a coupon of 6.25%),
  • Naftogaz Group Eurobonds (one dollar issue with redemption in November 2026 and a coupon of 7.625%).

Providing a wide range of tools available instruments in our market is one of the key tasks of the NSSMC. We want to see many high-quality issuers on the Ukrainian stock market, including debt securities, derivatives, IPOs”, – Ruslan Magomedov, Chairman of the NSSMC, said.

Securities of a foreign issuer are allowed to be traded on stock exchanges and the OTC market of Ukraine.

The admission procedure is implemented entirely in electronic format without submitting any paper copies of documents to the NSSMC. The entire package of documents was provided by the official communication channel in electronic form with the electronic digital signature of the applicant.

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