In the context of monitoring dubious financial projects (“scam projects”) that promise Ukrainians a quick and guaranteed income, the Commission draws attention to consumers of financial services that the offer of investing in shares of a non-existent “Ukrainian National Bank” has been spreading lately in the Internet and social networks. bank, which calls itself “investment project”.

At the same time, there is no information on “Ukrainian National Bank” in the State Register of Banks maintained by the National Bank of Ukraine and containing information on state registration of all banks. According to the Law of Ukraine “On Banks and Banking”, only a legal entity that has a banking license and the information entered in the State Register of Banks can be named a bank.

Similarly, there is no information on the issue of shares of the issuer with such name in the State Registry of Securities Issues maintained by the NSSMC and containing information on all registered issues of securities.

When trying to buy a project on its website, the user is offered three options for paying for the stock: Money Storage, Perfect Money and Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The bank card payment option is supposedly provided but does not work. The payment options available to the user are electronic wallets, payments through which it is practically impossible to track and establish where the client’s funds were transferred

The website of the project does not contain any legal information about the legal entity and the reasons for providing it with investment services. The personal section of the user has links to such sections as Documents, Company Contacts, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, but they all do not work.

The NSSMC finds that the information posted on the link https://unb.name is fraudulent, has the potential to mislead citizens, creates risks of losing money due to financial and investment ignorance. Information on potentially illegal activity in our country was forwarded to the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine.


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