As part of monitoring dubious financial projects (“scam projects” ⃰ ) the NSSMC has identified the activity of a group of people located in the territory of Ukraine (Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa) who suggest financial services to the citizens, in particular from the countries of the European Union, with the purpose of further illegal misappropriation of funds.  

These individuals are known to present themselves to their potential victims as well-known and successful international Forex brokers for trading stocks and other financial instruments. Allegedly they have great experience in the sphere of investments and excellent business reputation. The fraudsters assure their potential investors that they are located in such respectable financial metropolises as London, Tokyo and New York.

These people are actively searching for employees with the knowledge of foreign languages on the relevant Ukrainian online job search resources. Then they study the psychological aspects of persuading the potential victims to invest as much money as possible in their allegedly successful companies.

Thus, the fraudsters covering up with quasi-successful companies for trading stocks and other financial instruments, arrange their offices in the cities of Ukraine in order to avoid liability in other countries where they suggest such services.  

The NSSMC has requested the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to provide information on appeals/ complaints of its citizens who may have been deceived by the aforecited individuals and on the activity of such companies in the territory of the EU in general. The NSSMC has also established a list of other countries of the EU the citizens of which may have become the victims of such fraudulent actions. The relevant requests to other financial regulators of the EU countries are currently being prepared.

We remind you that in order to protect the citizens–consumers of the financial services the NSSMC has prepared the recommendations “10 signs of fictitious investment project”.

 Please, send any information on fraudulent actions in the financial market to the NSSMC or by еmail: md@nsssmc.gov.ua.


* The NSSMC considers investments in Forex quasi-market and projects which suggest investment services but are only aimed at illegal misappropriation of investors’ funds to be scam projects.

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