is your investment to the Victory and future of Ukraine


Last month in Ukraine, a new share accounting system based on the National Depository of Ukraine was launched. The new service involves transitioning from the traditional registration in the Unified State Register to a system that provides businesses with guarantees for the protection of their property rights and new services.
Why is it relevant?
First and foremost, the NDU accounting system aims to protect property rights from unauthorized loss, such as raiding. The acquisition, termination, and restrictions of rights to shares are meticulously recorded.
New opportunities
Now, operations with shares of LLCs and JSCs will have new security features: guaranteeing settlements for share purchase and sale agreements, guarantees for creditors whose rights and claims are secured by collateral of shares, and other operations using escrow accounts.
This also pertains to corporate activities. Conducting electronic shareholder meetings, which is relevant in times of war and convenient for companies. Dividend payments and sending all necessary notifications through the accounting system.
New participants
The depositary institution LLC “FC “DALIZ-FINANCE” has become a new participant in the accounting system and has obtained the status of an authorized depositary institution. This means that now clients of FC “DALIZ-FINANCE” will be able to consolidate the accounting of their property rights to securities and company shares in one depositary institution.

“We hope that other depositary institutions will pay attention to the new business development opportunities created by the share accounting system and offer their clients a new level of security in safeguarding corporate rights. The central depository and depositary institutions have repeatedly confirmed the high level of reliability and technological sophistication in serving their clients,” noted Oleksiy Tarasenko, a member of the board of PJSC “National Depository of Ukraine.”

“Let’s remind that shares of LLC ‘SHPOLA-AGRO INDUSTRY’ have already been registered in the accounting system of the Central Depository.”

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