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In connection with the publication of false information in some media about PrJSC «Dielectric Cable Systems of Ukraine», the NSSMC (National Securities and Stock Market Commission) officially refutes this information, as it is completely untrue and manipulative, and reports the following.

The initiator of the appeal, which is the basis for the publications, is the former director of LLC NVP Magister, whose license to conduct depository activities was revoked by the NSSMC for numerous offenses in the capital markets, in particular, for concealing information about the owners of securities who are citizens of the aggressor country.

This information was collected by the NSSMC, in particular, to implement the state’s sanctions policy. The NSSMC also deprived the ex-director of LLC NVP Master of his certificate for the right to perform actions related to the direct conduct of professional activities in the capital markets. All materials in this case were transferred by the NSSMC to law enforcement agencies.

The NSSMC acted pursuant to the provisions of the Law of Ukraine on the Basic Principles of Compulsory Seizure of Property of the russian federation and its Residents in Ukraine and in accordance with its Resolution No. 171 dated 16.03.2022, which provides for disclosure of information on ties with the aggressor country and its residents.

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