is your investment to the Victory and future of Ukraine


The National Securities and Stock Market Commission welcomes the adoption of the Law on Regulation and Supervision of Capital Markets and Organized Commodity Markets (No. 3585-IX), which aims to increase the institutional capacity and guarantees of the NSSMC’s independence.

«I believe that this law will be the starting point in building the Ukrainian stock market 2.0. This will be a new market where domestic companies will be able to quickly and easily issue shares, bonds and other financial instruments for sale to Ukrainian and foreign investors, attracting funds to the real sector of the Ukrainian economy. For our part, as a regulator, we will be able to provide more reliable investor protection and make investment conditions safe and understandable for an ordinary citizen both in our country and abroad», said Ruslan Magomedov, Chairman of the NSSMC.

The Chairman of the NSSMC emphasized: «I want to make sure that everyone who has the desire and savings can freely invest in Ukraine, being sure that their interests and rights are protected».

In general, the Law updated the regulation and made it modern. In particular, the requirements for certification of employees of professional market participants, which have existed since the mid-90s, have been removed. The Law also provides for the construction of a new platform for the NSSMC, which will give impetus to the development of a strong and independent regulator, strengthen international cooperation with European markets and create a reliable mechanism for protecting investors, both domestic and foreign.

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