Dear Colleagues!

On behalf of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission and on my own behalf, I would like to congratulate you on your professional holiday – the Accountants and Auditors’ Day!

I wish that the results of the work of each of you will always benefit for the authority of our state, since the status of our country is greatly supported by your professionalism and competence. As the financial sector is the basis for the activity of each institution, the proper functioning of companies and organizations depends on your work. I believe that the guiding principle of your team’s work is the success of the economic system of the Ukrainian State in general. 

The NSSMC will facilitate the implementation of new business strategies by all means, sharing international practices and introduction of innovations. We are confident that many victories are awaiting us ahead, as we have been partners in the auditing sphere and financial reporting UA XBRL IFRS for many years.

We wish you good health, complete implementation of plans and ideas in the financial sector, creative powers, life energy, well-being and harmony in personal life!

Timur Khromaiev


National Securities and Stock Market Commission

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