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In accordance with the Resolution of the meeting of the Staff of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in connection with military necessity, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on the Transfer, Forced Alienation or Seizure of Property in the Conditions of the Legal Regime of War or State of Emergency, on November 6, 2022, forced alienation into state property took place shares of strategically important enterprises, which include:

– PJSC «Ukrnafta»,

– PJSC «Ukrtatnafta»,

– JSC «Motor Sich»,

– PrJSC «AvtoKrAZ»,

– PJSC «Zaporizhtransformator».

The confiscated shares acquired the status of military property, their management was transferred to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. At the end of the martial law, in accordance with the requirements of the law, the specified shares will either be returned to the owners or their value will be reimbursed.

The NSSMC (National Securities and the Stock Market Commission), in turn, approved the Resolution to ensure the conduct of depository operations in the depository accounting system regarding the forced alienation of the shares of the specified companies into the ownership of the state.

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