The National Securities and Stock Market Commission (hereinafter – NSSMC) informs that on 03.07.2020 the Resolution dated 29.04.2020 №211 “On Amendments to the Procedure for Accounting for Software Products on the Stock Market”, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine dated 17.06.2020 №538/34821 entered into force.

This Procedure was published in the Oficiynuy Visny of Ukraine (official printed publication established and published by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine) on №51 dated 03.07.2020.

The Procedure determines the procedure for submitting to the NSSMC information on software products created for use in the stock market and/or used by stock market participants in carrying out professional activities, the procedure for amending information on such software products and the procedure for keeping records of software products on the stock market.  The NSSMC draws your attention that in accordance with paragraph 4 of this Resolution, professional stock market participants must submit information on specialized software products to the NSSMC by August 1, 2020.

In accordance with paragraph 6 of the Procedure information about software products is submitted to the NSSMC in electronic form in the form of an electronic document in accordance with the Regulation on submission of administrative data and information, approved by the NSSMC Resolution dated 13.05.2011 №492, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine dated 25.06.2011 №789/19527.

Description of sections and diagrams of XML files of electronic form of information in the Procedure for accounting of software products on the stock market approved by the Order of the Chairman of the NSSMC dated 02.07.2020 № 76 “On Approval of the Description of Sections and Diagrams of XML files of Electronic Form of Information about the Software Product in accordance with the Procedure for Accounting of Software Products on the Stock Market”.

This Order can be found on the official website of the NSSMC in the section: “For market participants” – “XML file templates”.

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