The document was prepared by SBFN (Sustainable Banking and Finance Network). It includes data provided by the NSSMC and contains an assessment of the regulator’s activities in the development of sustainable financing in the country.

The Report states that in 2021, thanks to the adoption of a number of policies and recommendations, Ukraine has created a system / concept of sustainable financing. The NSSMC has published Recommendations for the implementation or financing of environmental projects through the issuance of green bonds and approved the Annex on Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development (ESG) to the Corporate Governance Code.

You can read the Report at the link


SBFN (https://www.sbfnetwork.org/) is a voluntary association of financial sector regulators and banking associations from developing countries. The aim of the activity is to improve environmental, social and corporate governance in the banking sector and the development of the financial market.

The NSSMC officially joined the SBFN in 2020. Cooperation with SBFN is one of the areas of work of the regulator, which takes place in the framework of the regulator’s work with IFC (International Finance Corporation).

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