is your investment to the Victory and future of Ukraine


At the session on October 28, 2021, the NSSMC (National Securities and Stock Market Commission) adopted several resolutions on the foreign securities admission to trading on the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, the Ukrainian investors can take the opportunity to invest in 73 securities of foreign issuers at this time. 

The Regulator’s resolution allows the trading in the Ukrainian regulated and unregulated markets of such known worldwide companies:

– Alphabet Inc.
–, Inc.
– Bank of Ameriсa Сorporation
– Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
– Citigroup Inc.
– The Coca-Cola Company
– DEERE&Company
– CSX Corporation
– EXXON MOBIL Corporation
– DOW Inc.
– INTEL Corporation
– The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
– McDonald`s Corporation
– Johnson&Johnson.

“Such an entry into the Ukrainian market of leading companies will certainly strengthen the list of possible instruments for our investors. And although we are primarily set to fill the market with securities of domestic issuers, we consider such the additions to the list of instruments are a positive signal,” commented Ruslan Magomedov, the Chairman of the NSSMC.

The full list of foreign securities admitted to the trading in Ukraine is available on the  official website of the NSSMC

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