The NSSMC (National Securities and Stock Market Commission) is convinced that single rules and working conditions for all investment companies and its clients should dominate the market. Therefore, within the launch of a number of Ukrainian companies projects on transactions with foreign securities, the Regulator draws attention to the need to comply with the norms of Ukrainian legislation on the depository system and to ensure equal rights for all securities holders. 

“At present Ukrainian companies already have a certain product range of investment instruments and offer its clients various schemes of purchase and sale of foreign issuers’ securities. But whatever model investment companies or its ultimate clients choose, we insist on ensuring equal rights to securities and for securities. According to the Ukrainian legislation, the only confirmation of ownership of any securities (both domestic and foreign issuers) is a securities account statement. Such accounts can be opened by investment companies licensed by the NSSMC to carry out depository activities,” Ruslan Magomedov, the Chairman, said.

The Regulator pays attention to the fact that future investors should carefully study the availability of relevant licenses of the investment service provider, as well as carefully read the contract conditions and accompanying documents that will be concluded by the client with the investment company.

In case of complaints of violation of legislation or rights and rules of work, the NSSMC will analyze the situation in detail and launch an investigation.

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