is your investment to the Victory and future of Ukraine


The NSSMC (National Securities and Stock Market Commission) is out for fair and all-right work in the capital market, and therefore protects the rights and interests of investors. The Regulator’s specialists are constantly researching the market for this purpose and reporting on the expansion of the list of dubious investment projects. 

“Unfortunately, the specialists of financial projects with signs of doubt are often not only misleading, but also inventive,” says Iraklii Baramiia, the Commissioner of the NSSMC. – Therefore, we see a common scheme: the projects offer free education, and at the same time the need to invest on a certain trading platform. As a rule, such an algorithm has certain risks for clients. Also, the dubious participants post the false information about the availability of licenses and permits, sometimes even from the NSSMC and the NBU, not to mention a number of “licenses” of dubious non-governmental “Regulators” and “Commissions” of the European countries that have nothing to do with legitimacy”.

So the Regulator has once again updated the list of investment projects with the signs of doubt, and draws attention to the following financial initiatives:

Evotrade –

Wellmax Capital – https://wellmax–

Euro1nvest –

MeteorTrade –

InvestingVIP –


HashTrade –

Everest Trade –

Ester –


Iron Max Group –

Kredo Capital Group –

TopTrade –

At present, the number of projects with signs of doubt is 113, a full list can be found on the NSSMC’s website in the Section “Protection of investors’ rights”.

We urge you to be cautious and carefully assess the risks before investing your money in any project in the financial market. Any information regarding potentially fictitious actions is requested to be reported to the Commissions by an e-mail: [email protected].

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