is your investment to the Victory and future of Ukraine


Russia has been performing a large-scale military invasion of Ukraine along the entire length of the common border – from Russia, Belarus and the annexed Crimea since February 24, 2022. There are fierce fighting continues on the territory of Ukraine, killing thousands of civilians. Some Ukrainian cities have been destroyed.

Russia uses attacks with all possible weapons, makes missile strikes on civilian targets, uses weapons prohibited by international conventions, including thermobaric and also known as vacuum bombs. All the rules and laws of war are violated.

Thousands of civilians have already died, including children, and many have lost relatives and friends. One million Ukrainians have become refugees, and the rest are under the terror of the Russian occupiers and may die every second.

The state with nuclear weapons is currently at war on the territory of Ukraine which has fifteen nuclear power plants, each of them could pose a radioactive threat to the world.

The EU, the USA and a number of other countries have already imposed economic sanctions on Russia, but these sanctions will not be so quick as to stop the war in Ukraine, as every second of procrastination brings death and destruction. Russia states that it is not afraid of sanctions and continues to attack the democratic state, seeking to rewrite the established world order and redistribute the world in favor of authoritarianism and dictatorship.

The National Securities and Stock Market Commission is the regulator of the stock market of Ukraine. Realizing the threats that loomed over us, we had restrictions in our legislation on the stock exchange membership of Russian entities and restrictions on their participation in trading so that it would not be used as a destabilizing factor.

We call on all national regulators of the securities and capital markets around the world, all stock, commodity and energy exchanges, clearing houses, trading platforms and other organized and regulated market entities to impose sanctions on Russia over the war in Ukraine.

We ask you to exclude the possibility of stock and commodity exchange trading and clearing services to companies from Russia or affiliates with Russia.

Operating on foreign exchange markets, Russia receives a strong financial reserve to continue the war in Ukraine.

We call to save Ukraine, Europe and the world from the Russian occupiers and save people’s lives!


Ruslan Magomedov Chairman National Securities and Stock Market Commission


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