The NSSMC has added seven more cases to the list of unreliable investment projects and recommends  investors take this information into account in their activities.

The NSSMC draws attention to the unreliability of the following financial projects:

– AmberFX – https://amberfx.co/;

– BB TEAM PRO – https://bbtm.pro/;

– ConcordInvest – https://concordinvest.pro/ru;

– Safe Invest – https://safeinvest.uk/;

– FBS – https://fbs.com/;

– Barclay Stone LTD – https://br-stone.net/ru;

– Enterprise London Limited – http://enterpriselondonltd.easy-technologies.net/; http://london-enterprise-ltd.com/

We urge citizens to be careful and carefully assess the risks before investing their funds.

A complete list of projects is provided on the official website of the NSSMC in the section ”Protection of investors rights”.

In the absence of information about a certain dubious project in this section, potential investors can independently analyze it for fictitiousness, guided by «10 signs of doubtfulness of the investment project».

Any information about potential fictitious actions in the financial market, please inform the NSSMC or e-mail: md@nsssmc.gov.ua.

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