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The NSSMC (National Securities and Stock Market Commission) has made changes to the regulations on financial monitoring, which opens up wider opportunities for market participants to attract customers through the use of digital identification technologies and electronic exchange of digital data.

We are talking about the NSSMC`s Resolution dated October 18, 2022 No. 1254, which amends the Regulation on financial monitoring by primary financial monitoring entities, the state regulation and supervision of whose activities is carried out by the NSSMC, approved on March 11, 2021 year by Resolution No. 176.

From now on, parties can establish business relations remotely. To verify the identity of the client, it is sufficient to receive an electronic copy of one of the documents generated by means of the Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services:

– e-passports;

– e-passports for traveling abroad;

– e-certificates for permanent residence;

– e-certificates for temporary residence.

A non-resident must provide a photo with his own identification document.

In addition, the list of cases in which it is allowed to apply simplified customer verification procedures has been expanded.

It is also possible to involve agents — individuals and legal entities for identification and verification of clients of the subject of primary financial monitoring.

Among other important innovations is the simplification of the due diligence procedure during operations on the organized market due to the possibility of the clearing organization receiving identification data of beneficiaries from the trade organizer.

The NSSMC expects that the introduced changes will simplify and speed up the access of individuals and legal entities to the capital market.

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