is your investment to the Victory and future of Ukraine


The National Securities and Stock Market Commission has regulated the provision of professional securities traders services to their clients online, in line with similar EU standards.

Innovation will increase the level of convenience and efficiency of investment activity. It will also provide an opportunity to expand the circle of investors and facilitate the revitalization of operations with affordable, high-quality financial instruments.

From now on, licensed professional traders can offer their customers software products for remote servicing after they are certified by the NSSMC. The Commission will check software solutions (software, applications, direct access systems “client-exchange”) for compliance with cybersecurity standards and investor rights.

Users of such software solutions will be able to remotely conclude the contracts, transfer to the broker the  purchase / sale oder of financial instruments, receive information necessary for the adoption of investment decisions.

In addition, traders can provide qualified customers with their remote access to the electronic trading system of the stock market. As a result, such a client will be able to participate in the auction independently and in real time, that is, to apply for purchase / sale directly during the bidding process.

Comment of the Chairman of the NSSMC Timur Khromaev:

“New opportunities for the development of online trading for Ukrainian professional stock market participants that meet EU standards will give a knock-on effect to its development. We expect a significant revival of operations with reliable and liquid securities due to the arrival of new investors from the wider segment of the market. Effective and secure online solutions will contribute to investing the population, in particular, in government debt obligations (T-bills)”.


The Resolution of the Commission dated 05.03.2019 № 131 approved the revised draft resolution “On Approval of Changes to the Rules (Conditions) for the Trading of Securities: Brokerage, Dealer Activities, Underwriting, Securities Management”. The said project is published on the official website of the Commission and is being prepared for referral to the interested bodies for its approval. After obtaining approval from the interested bodies, the draft resolution will be sent to the state registration to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

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