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The NSSMC (National Securities and Stock Market Commission) during the monitoring of the activity of financial pyramids (dubious investment projects) discovered the illegal distribution of advertising of the Pelliron project, which positions itself as a well-known international broker.

The Pelliron project did not receive any permits from the regulator and licenses to provide relevant investment services on the territory of Ukraine, but at the same time it was actively advertised on radio stations, in particular, on «Hit FM».

The NSSMC established the customer of placing this advertisement, which turned out to be LLC «Double Case». This project, under the guise of an academy for training trading in financial markets, actively attracts new customers and popularizes the Pelliron project directly on its website.

The NSSMC issued a resolution regarding LLC «Double Case» regarding the distribution of advertising of financial instruments, capital markets and organized commodity markets, which does not meet the requirements of the advertising legislation. According to the results of the investigation, LLC «Double Case» was fined 85,000 hryvnias.

The Pelliron project is also included in the list of dubious investment projects. The complete list of projects is provided on the NSSMC’s official website in the «Investors’ Protection» section. In the absence of information about a certain dubious project in the specified section, potential investors, guided by the «10 signs of dubiousness of an investment project», can independently analyze it for fakeness.

If you have information about potentially fictitious actions on the financial market, please report it to the NSSMC by email: [email protected].

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