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The NSSMC (National Securities and the Stock Market Commission) added four more investment projects to the list of questionable ones. They may be related to a project that was previously listed. Presumably, the purpose is to lure funds under new names, because of the initial project lost the trust of customers and received a lot of negative reviews on the network from deceived investors.

The list of untrustworthy includes the following financial projects:

Currently, the total number of questionable projects on the NSSMC’s website is 134 projects.

We urge citizens to be attentive and carefully assess the risks before investing funds.

To protect your investments, you can always send a request to the NSSMC regarding the availability of licenses and other permitting documents for a certain project you are interested in. In addition, if in the course of the analysis of the project provided by you, signs of its questionable are identified, it can save not only your money, but also the money of many other citizens.

The full list of projects is available on the NSSMC’s official website in the “Protection of the Investors’ Rights” section.

In the absence of information about a certain questionable project in the specified section, potential investors, guided by the “10 signs of questionable of an investment project“, can independently analyze it for fictitiousness.

If you have information about potentially fraudulent actions on the financial market, please report it to the NSSMC by e-mail: [email protected].

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